Summer is around the corner now. And as the sun stretches its rays across the sky and the temperature rises, it is accepted that summer is here! And with summer, there comes a great demand for comfortable and breathable casual mens wear online in India that helps us to survive the scorching heat, right? But the question is, which outfits to look for when you want to stay cool and stylish in summer? Worry not. We have got you covered! Here is an extensive list of cool outfits that balance style and comfort with their excellent features and qualities.

Cotton Polo T-Shirt

We all know how ruthless summers can be, especially in India. And all we seek during summer is some relief and comfort. Picture yourself slipping into a soft and breathable Cotton Polo T-shirt and feeling an instant wave of comfort wash over you as it allows air to breeze through, keeping you cool and collected even on hot days! Sounds like a perfect way to get through the hot days, right?

Moreover, cotton in summer is a cherry on the cake when it comes to leisurely enjoying by the beach or even wearing it on regular days.

Baggy Jeans

Pairing comfort and style has always been difficult, hasn’t it? Don’t worry; Baggy Jeans for men are the solution! They are loose to allow unrestricted movement, which makes them ideal for casual outings and even everyday wear! Additionally, its effortlessly cool aesthetic of urban street style helps pair it easily with various tops like shirts for men and footwear options to suit any occasion. From casual outings to personal style. Also, its relaxed fit makes it ideal for people of all shapes and sizes.

Not to forget, jeans give a fancy look that never goes out of style, whether it’s an office party or a short trip around the city.

Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants are a big YES when you want ample storage options in your hand, thanks to their large and spacious pockets on each side of your thighs and sides. This function of Cargo Pants helps you keep things like wallets, keys, and smartphones handy and removes the need to carry bulky bags or backpacks while on the go!

Their loose fit and modern design lend themselves well to casual mens wear, whether paired with simple t-shirts for a weekend outing or dressed up with shirts for men for a polished look. They are also your best companion when it comes to going for an adventure, providing you with style and functionality all at once.


Trousers originate from traditional attire, offering a classic yet refined aesthetic. What sets them apart is their perfect mix of comfort, durability, and sophistication. Trousers come in different shades of colors, giving them a polished touch in this modern era. Whether paired with crisp button-down shirts for men for a polished office look or dressed down with a casual t-shirt for weekend brunch, trousers easily adapt to any setting or occasion. And this is a unique feature of Trousers!

Besides, their wrinkle-free nature makes it the first choice for people who want to look sharp and collected on the go!


Jeans have solidified their status as garments, renowned for their timeless fashion, versatility and durability. Jeans for men offer endless comfort and resilience with their rugged texture, making them the choice of people for everyday wear to even office wear. Also, they can withstand the rigors of daily life without sacrificing style, thanks to the strong and durable denim fabric! Jeans for men come in various cuts, washes, and finishes, allowing individuals to choose jeans according to their personality and style. 

Moreover, their low-maintenance nature and ability to retain shape and color over time make them a go-to option for people seeking both fashion and functionality.


Look out for Boxers if all you want is comfort, style and versatility. Surviving summers without boxers is impossible. They are relaxed, lightweight and short, allowing your legs to move freely while enjoying outdoor activities or just lounging in the sun. They come in all lengths, colors, and patterns; there’s a pair of boxers to suit every taste and preference. Moreover, casual boxers are incredibly easy to style. They pair effortlessly with everything from basic t-shirts and tops to button-down shirts and polo shirts for men, offering endless outfit options.

Track Pants

Those days are gone when track pants were only worn at gyms for working out. Made from soft and stretchy fabrics like cotton or polyester blends, they provide maximum comfort while removing moisture, keeping you cool and dry during workouts and summer.

The beauty of track pants lies in their adaptability—they can be easily transformed from casual to athleisure wear with a simple change of top or shoes. Whether paired with a cozy hoodie for a day indoors or dressed up with a crisp shirt for men for a streetwear-inspired look, they offer endless styling options.

Denim Shirts

Denim Shirts stay in style for eons, making them a wise investment. Its classic design and indigo shade bring a sense of nostalgia while remaining modern and relevant. Denim Shirts are known for their durability – staying intact for years – and their rugged construction that never goes out of fashion. Whether paired with jeans for men for a classic double denim look, worn over a t-shirt for a relaxed vibe, or tucked into trousers for a more polished look, denim shirts easily adapt to any style.

Oversized Shirts

Oversized Shirts have emerged in popularity, catching the attention of fashion enthusiasts with their unique style and appeal. One of the standout features of oversized shirts is their adaptability to various styling preferences, like layering them above pajamas or ripped jeans! Additionally, their breathable fabrics, like cotton, ensure comfort throughout the day, making them perfect for year-round wear in various weathers. 

Besides, oversized shirts go with individuals of all body types and sizes, offering a sense of confidence to those who wear them.


Pajamas are used in various ways, from strolling around the street to lying indoors lazily. They are available in all colors and types to match various tops, such as shirts for men or even funky tees. Comfort and ease are all you get when you slip into it, thanks to its breathable and soft fabrics like cotton, flannel, or jersey. 


Casual Wear offers comfort and ease, which is all you want at the end of the day, on a lousy weekend or even on regular days. Those days are gone when casual wears were only reserved for casual outings. New-age streetwear and urban casual wear can be worn for work or even for a casual weekend getaway.



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