Mr. Tsang Chi-criticism ho’s on Google and the “LeaveHomeSafe” (LHS) app was published in Ming Pao today (December 16). The article was biased and deceptive, and it discussed the Government’s recent decision to remove the need that visitors to scan the LHS venue QR code before entering the building as well as the demand for Google to correct its inaccurate search results. It is regretted by the HKSAR Government.

A government spokesman stressed that the government has always adjusted various anti-epidemic measures in a timely manner in response to the epidemic’s emergence, in accordance with the principles of science-based and targeted anti-epidemic measures, as well as the proper management of risks and citizen-focused facilitation. The necessity to scan the LHS venue QR codes before entering the grounds was recently removed on the same logic. When the LHS mobile application is uninstalled, users will no longer be able to access some crucial features including the storage of the Vaccine Pass, Testing Registration Code, and testing records, which continue to work well with other current anti-epidemic measures. Therefore, it is undesirable for some to confuse the removal of the LHS mobile application with the easing of the obligation to scan LHS QR codes. The spokesperson recommended users of the aforementioned smartphone application to keep using it wisely. Taking into account the most recent epidemic developments and other relevant factors, such as analyses of scientific data, the government will also continue to adjust and optimize anti-epidemic measures in a precise manner with the goal of allowing people’s daily lives and economic activities to continue to resume normalcy in an orderly fashion under the presumption of proper risk management.

The spokesperson said, “The author thought it was against the spirit of science for government authorities to ask Google to change the search results given the algorithms used by Internet search engines. This demonstrates that the author, who identified himself as a commentator on current events, is unaware of the gravity of the situation. As the only national anthem of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), The March of the Volunteers is really the PRC’s emblem and insignia, and as such, it should be revered and protected by everyone. The problem is a significant matter of right and wrong. Any effort to confuse listeners by referencing other songs is just incorrect. It is important to note that the author’s effort to highlight the present problem, which imperils national dignity, by using another example is incorrect.

Every Internet search engine uses a different algorithm. However, when a song closely related to “Hong Kong independence” is incorrectly shown as the hong kong anthem by such computerized algorithms, the mistake must be corrected. According to what we understand, the appropriate Internet search engine may delete inaccurate information. To fix the mistake, we shall keep using the appropriate Internet search engine.”

The official stated, “The HKSAR Government expresses sorrow over the writer’s continual posting of false and prejudiced opinions on the platform of Ming Pao.



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