Instagram has developed into a crucial component of the digital strategy and social media presence of many brands, boosting their conversion rates, expanding their visibility, and creating a network of devoted and engaged followers.

Our account has to expand in order to reach as many potential clients as possible. The more people we can reach, the more opportunities we can create.

It’s time to start working on your social media presence if it isn’t as strong as you would like. Therefore, you are in the proper place if you’re wondering how to develop and improve your visibility on Instagram naturally.

There are numerous ways to strengthen and increase the relevance of your account over time. So, whether you’re wondering how to grow on Instagram from the beginning or how to obtain recognition on Instagram after managing the account for a while, this is your article. Here we go without further ado!

What principles underpin Instagram’s algorithm?

I want us to analyze the new Instagram algorithm’s workings before moving on to examine the various strategies we can use to promote our accounts because it will affect the level of organic visibility we acquire. Understanding the foundation of the platform and how it prioritizes one account over another is the first step in learning how to increase reach on Instagram.

Instagram displays your posts according to the ostensible interest they garner. Because of this, dedication and reliability are more crucial than ever. In order to gain more attention on Instagram, it has become fundamental and imperative to produce engaging and useful material.

Now tell us how the new Instagram algorithm functions. According to the academic definition, an algorithm is computer software logic created to solve problems. In the case of Instagram, the algorithm adapts to user demands by displaying content that people are interested in.

In particular, it uses the following three elements to fulfill its purpose:

  • Based on user interactions, interest or engagement is determined. Based on their past interactions with similar material, Instagram can forecast which posts they’ll find interesting (own or external). For instance, in the “Explore” area, involved individuals with profiles similar to yours will be able to see your account.
  • Relationship or relevance: Take into consideration the users who respond to your posts the most frequently and vice versa, giving these profiles priority when showing your content. In other words, the likelihood that other users’ postings may show up in the future will increase if you frequently engage with them.
  • Post Time: Newer posts take precedence over older ones. Therefore, the most recent content will always be found above, at the top.

There are further aspects to consider as well. Additionally, Instagram revealed the following factors:

  • Use frequency: Users who frequently use the app will see more content than users who only use it infrequently. That is, if users aren’t spending much time on Instagram, there’s a lower chance that their posts will be seen.
  • Followers: Accounts with more followers will have less content available to their followers. Those who follow a few accounts will therefore be able to view more posts per profile.
  • Time per session: Users will have access to more content if they use the app for a longer period of time. Since their feed will be updated more frequently, they will see a lot more recent posts.

How can I use Instagram to grow in 2023? Practical advice

Instagram is a platform with a lot of potential for growing the reach of your company and connecting with potential customers, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post. In light of this, I give the 23 ideas below in the hopes that they can help you grow on Instagram and increase awareness.

  1. Be mindful of the caliber of your photos or movies.

Instagram is a social media platform that is entirely focused on visual content, with a strong emphasis on images and videos. Depending on the caliber of the photograph you upload, your personal or corporate brand’s reputation could be at risk.

A professional camera is no longer required in order to upload a quality image nowadays. You might achieve excellent outcomes depending on the kind of smartphone you own. If your mobile device doesn’t have a good camera, you may always use image editing software to fix the image flaws.

Knowing the dimensions and scale of social networks, in this case, Instagram is crucial guidance for achieving the best outcome.

  1. Concentrate on a single issue

It’s crucial to avoid varying the publications if you want your Instagram brand (personal or commercial) to be noticed. So that your brand is recognized for a certain area of expertise, concentrate on a particular market niche.

For instance, it is best to concentrate on it if you devote yourself to the fashion industry on a professional or personal level in order to draw in a quality audience that respects you for what you do and what you teach.

It will be more difficult for you to expand if you publish on a variety of topics because the user will not be clear about what you actually do.

In addition to your articles, another consideration is to use your biography to inform users of the subjects you want to cover in your account.

  1. Use Instagram for advertising

Remember that social networks depend on advertising for their revenue. Naturally, you can develop gradually. But advertising is your ally if you want to accelerate that growth rate. Strategic Instagram advertising will help you give yourself the push you need if you’re working on building your business.

Although hiring a professional is necessary for this advice and is already costing you money, it is actually a wise investment because it will benefit your business. Even so, there are always free courses available to help you market on Instagram if you are currently unable to pay to engage a professional.

  1. Produce valuable stories of high quality.

Instagram Stories is becoming a more popular way for users to pass their free time than scrolling through their feeds. This channel offers a terrific chance to stand out and stay up to date on the news because it is so lively and spontaneous.

Therefore, we advise you to strengthen your brand through Stories if your articles do not reach the intended audience and you want to become more visible on Instagram.

But uploading anything does not function. I must admit that up until I asked myself, “Do these photos actually bring value to my community?” I used to just post pictures of food on plates to my tales.

While it is true that articles, or stories (whatever you want to call them), only live for 24 hours, your brand may suffer if you produce unhelpful content within that time. It’s possible that some of your followers will stop following you if they don’t find your tales to be relevant or will silence them. In my perspective, stories are a different form of communication from the Instagram feed with a great deal of potential for community engagement.

Stories also have the advantage of being saved as highlights, which keeps them available indefinitely and prevents them from disappearing after 24 hours.

  1. Employ pertinent hashtags

By influencing users of a bigger audience that you would not otherwise directly target, relevant hashtags enhance the likelihood that people will see your publishing and that you will be found by new followers.

The secret to utilizing hashtags effectively is to choose carefully which ones to use and how many to include in each post. On the one hand, use no more than the 30 hashtags Instagram permits; using an average of 5 to 11 hashtags is sufficient to increase visibility.

On the other hand, stay away from hashtags that are quite well-liked to properly and effectively apply this strategy. For instance, using the hashtag #Nike would be a waste of time because it is in great demand and would cause other, more powerful accounts to consume your message.

To prevent this, I advise choosing alternative hashtags that characterize your publication and are relevant to your audience (you should research relevant hashtags for your industry or niche). By doing this, you enhance the likelihood that your image will be featured.



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