Loujain Adada is an American-Lebanese model, social media star and reality TV show personality. She is best known for appearing on the Netflix series, Dubai Bling.

The California-born model has amassed an impressive net worth. She was married to Saudi billionaire businessman Walid Juffali until his death in 2016. She also hosts a lifestyle and entertainment show on Bahrain TV.

1. Ebraheem Al Samadi

Loujain Adada has risen to fame with her role on the new Netflix reality show Dubai Bling. The Lebanese model and former tv presenter has an estimated net worth of $4 million. She inherited $1.1 million from her late husband’s estate and has a successful career as a model. She also earns a substantial income from brand deals.

Ebraheem Al Samadi is the wealthiest ensemble member on Dubai Bling. The 33-year-old is a well-known social media influencer and showcases fashion collections from brands like Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace. He is also the founder of Forever Rose, which has a London branch, cafe, and oud line.

Al Samadi has over 547,000 followers on Instagram, where he posts pictures of his travels and dining experiences. He often shows off his fit physique and tries out upscale restaurants.

2. Lojain Omran

Lojain Omran is one of the most popular cast members of the Netflix show, Dubai Bling. The reality series features the lives of wealthy Arabs living in Dubai. The show has become a hit among many people who love watching rich people flaunt their lavish lifestyle.

Loujain first made her money from modeling jobs for magazines and collaborations with small brands. She later married a billionaire named Walid Juffali in 2012. He passed away in 2016, leaving her his wealth which greatly increased her net worth.

She is a devoted mother to two daughters and often shares photos of her family on social media. She is also an entrepreneur and the founder of Dubai Bling, which is a luxury e-commerce website that offers high-end fashion products and accessories.

3. Danya Mohammed

Danya Mohammed, also known as Diva Dee, is an Emirati beauty vlogger and social media star. She is famous for her Instagram and YouTube content. Her appearance on the Netflix reality show Dubai Bling has made her more popular.

She started her career as a fashion model at the age of 14. After her debut, she modeled for many magazines and small brands. Then, she became a television host for the MTV Lebanon music program Energy Spin Magazine at the age of 21.

Afterward, she married a billionaire businessman Walid Juffali. He was the chairman of one of the biggest conglomerates in the Middle East and was worth $9 billion. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2016. His assets were auctioned and the proceeds were shared among his three ex-wives and five daughters.

4. Kris Fade

The American-born Lebanese model and TV host has made a name for herself thanks to her stunning beauty and lavish lifestyle. She’s also been able to boost her earnings with social media influencing and brand endorsement deals.

Her late husband Walid Juffali was a billionaire, which helped her amass a huge fortune of her own. Loujain has mansions, farmhouses, luxury cars, and expensive horses to call her own.

Al Samadi is a self-made millionaire who started his business at the age of 14. His reps showed documents to Arabian Business that prove he’s worth USD 50 million. He owns a Forever Rose business, which sells flowers that don’t require water or sunlight. He’s the richest Dubai Bling star by a mile. He also owns a few high-end restaurants.

5. Brianna Fade

The California-born model has an estimated net worth of USD 3.8 million making her the second richest cast member on Dubai Bling. She reportedly received $1.1 million from the estate of her late husband and continues to earn a substantial amount through brand deals.

Known for her stunning photos, she has amassed a following of more than 700,000 on Instagram where she shares glamorous fashion and swimwear pictures with her followers. She also works as a talent manager and gains a steady income through social media influencing and brand deals.

She has a strong presence on the social platform and is also a TV host on the popular show Dubai Bling alongside Kris Fade, Lojain Omran, DJ Bliss, and other celebrity participants. She splits her time between London where she and her daughters study and the Middle East where she is close to family.



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