There are steps you can take whether you want to start early and make high school the most productive four years possible or you are worried about getting into college because the last three and a half years of high school didn’t go as planned. Following these 10 recommendations will help you make the most of your remaining high school years:

Give back: Spending your free time as an unpaid volunteer in your community will strengthen your college application and may make you eligible for a number of scholarships. If you want your experience to be fulfilling and valuable, be sure to pick a club or organization that at least slightly aligns with your interests.

Spend time reading: Reading has several benefits, but its main one is that it can help you increase your vocabulary, which will be helpful for the SAT. Expanding your reading will give you talking points for college applications and interviews, even though no one is requiring you to read a book a day. I’m thinking in particular about the question, “What is your favorite book and why?” What most recent book have you read, as well? You don’t want to fabricate a response in case the college asks you more questions.

If Harvard is not your top choice for a college, speak with your second or third choice. You may lay a strong basis for the future by getting in touch with your college as soon as possible. Most schools and universities want to make sure that students are enrolling voluntarily and are not only doing so because they were rejected for admission elsewhere. Sending an email to your ideal community colleges in Colorado Springs to convey your interest and want to enroll there is a good idea because you never know who could read it.

Considering that college essays account for a sizable amount of your application, it is logical that they might cause you stress. The key to getting beyond this difficulty is to get started as soon as you can and to be creative in your essay. Ensure that your college essay stands out from the competition. Numerous teams of people who will read it have read thousands of college essays.

Facebook: It’s likely that you never dreamed you’d be reading a college paper that suggested you open an account there. But if used appropriately, Facebook can be a fantastic resource for networking and learning more about the school of your dreams (if they have a fan page). Another thing to have in mind is to make sure there is nothing on Facebook that you wouldn’t want a representative from an admissions office to view. Colleges can and do consider applicants’ Facebook profiles when making admissions decisions.

The best time to try something you’ve always wanted to try is in high school because college admissions are becoming more and more competitive every year. It might benefit you, it might ignite a new interest in you, it might help you choose your major, or it might just be a learning experience you hated but might write about in your college essays. Everyone wins in either scenario.

Campus Tours: Visiting a potential college’s campus is the greatest method to find out if it truly is your dream school. You will gain an insider’s perspective of what college and student life are truly like and what they have to offer from this. In order to make sure you have the best resources to enter and remain in the program, you will also have the opportunity to talk with the dean and the financial aid office during this time.

Keep Busy: During the academic year, you are probably busy and juggling a number of tasks like a chicken with its head chopped off. The entire year should be spent being active, even if the summer should be a time of rest and relaxation to recharge. It will look excellent on a college application, so get out there and get active in your neighborhood as opposed to spending your summer playing video games all day.

Being a mentor is a great way to create a lasting impression, whether you are exceptionally talented in a particular field or not. The development of your leadership skills at a young age is crucial for both your academic and college applications. Start out modestly by teaching just one or two pupils, and you might someday be in charge of your own company!

Get out of Town: Traveling may be very beneficial for both your academic and college applications because it provides you a new perspective on life. Even if you can’t travel very far, it’s still vital to experience different surroundings and things. Visit your local national or historic park instead if you can’t trek through Europe; you’ll definitely learn something new.

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