Some old sayings are still true today, now more than ever! “Time is money” is one of those, as global business and manufacturing now runs 24/7 with no signs of slowing, and zero chance of stopping! Electricity drives this juggernaut, so imagine what happens if the source powering all of this activity ceased abruptly. The answer is a loss of money, maybe even a disastrous one! Fortunately, there is a way to prevent this from happening to your business!

If you want to keep your wheels of progress turning ceaselessly then it’s vital that you invest in an uninterrupted power supply, also referred to as a UPS- not to be confused with the parcel service, but you can bet they are running them for their global operations! The UPS keeps the power on by switching immediately to a generator or other alternate power source the second the main source stops producing. This way, your business never stops working and your money keeps rolling in!

Let’s take a more detailed look at how this system protects your business:

  • Backup Power – When the grid goes down your business keeps going as it switches over to the UPS. In the event of a major catastrophe in which the utility remains offline for extended periods, the UPS buys critical time to refuel standby generators, add supplemental solar power systems, perform a controlled shutdown of non-critical equipment, and set up an array of extra batteries. 
  • Surge Protection – A UPS system can also protect against unexpected power surges coming across the utility power lines due to storms or accidents. Power disturbances such as brown outs and fluctuations are also prevented from harming your valuable and sensitive equipment that would take time and money to replace. 
  • Prevents Costly Downtimes – Possibly the most important aspect of a UPS system is to make sure your business never stops doing business, the constant supply of power will protect against downtime that can not only hurt your bottom line but have a deleterious effect on your business’s reputation for dependability and punctuality. Productivity never suffers, and your doors stay open, no matter what!

There are three types of UPS to consider when choosing one that’s right for your business:

  • Single Conversion – This UPS system continuously measures incoming AC power from your utility and automatically switches over to battery power in the event of a fluctuation or failure.
  • Double Conversion – Also referred to as an ‘online’ UPS, this system converts power in two steps. First, the AC power is converted to DC power, then sent to an inverter. The DC power is then converted back to AS power and channelled to all the connected equipment.
  • Multi-mode – This UPS system calls upon features from both single and double conversion in order to allow a more efficient level of protection, switching from single to double as needs require.

The Australian Government’s Electrical Safety Office has issued a set of standards for uninterrupted power supply systems you can check for more information. If you are in business you should definitely consider implementing a UPS system to fit your needs, so you can keep the lights on and the money coming in!



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